"We - the People of the World Community
upon becoming aware of an extensive history of acts and conduct both covert and overt by George W. Bush - ("Bush") President Of The United States and Anthony Charles Linton ('Tony') Blair - ("Blair") former Prime Minister Of Great Britain - together with others known and unknown to the people wherein the said acts comprise high crimes under the U.S. Constitution's impeachment clause - crimes of defrauding the United States in violation of the Federal anti-conspiracy statute - crimes of murder in the first degree - crimes of being an accessory to acts of murder particularly in reference to the attacks upon the WTC on 11 September 2001, acts of state sponsored terrorism - crimes of the testing of weapons of mass destruction against live targets in armed conflicts illegally designated as a state of war at the instigation of Bush and Blair - crimes against humanity - together with various other crimes in violation of the Geneva Conventions and International Law. The preceding actions and conduct
were perverse, wicked, evil and wanton in the extreme.


Take notice that the United States as a nation predominant in world affairs was built by the dedication, hard work and application of disciplines from all walks of life by our forefathers and the current generations. The Constitution is not a personal plaything of or to be used and abused by you and other ambitious, evil and dishonest politicians and bureaucrats. The lives and livelihoods of - We - the People of the World Community are not to be used as disposable pawns in your maniacal quest for money, power and control.


We - the People of the World Community - give notice of our intention to peacefully, legally and democratically retrieve our destinies and that of the United States together with the reputation and goodwill between us and all men and women from every other country regardless of race, color, religion or creed."


And having regard to the present global political and economic conditions and after having seen the world lurch from one crisis to the next over the past twenty years in particular - and the fact that no known existing government, entity or person has succeeded or implemented the necessary policies or solutions to provide world peace and the safety, security and well being of peoples from all countries and ideologies, together with the equitable distribution of the earth's wealth or resources amongst all peoples leaves the majority of the human race with no other option than to come together with one unified international effort in the form of The Global Fund For Peace, Justice And Development to right the wrongs, stop the injustices that continue day in day out and to impliment the necessary solutions for a permanent and long term settlement of the issues that have come to threaten the very lives and future of everyone.


To achieve the above requires considerable resource and influence at Government level. "Many hands make light work" - and for this task a small contribution from the billions who constitute the People of the World Community acting in a spirit of teamwork and co-operation can make the changes necessary to impliment the said necessary solutions and thereby provide the means for the average person to retrieve his or her own destiny and that of our children and the generations to come. The overall mission of the Global Fund is to reverse the current trend where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer - so that whilst the rich may become richer - the poor will become richer with them - and that is our promise - and covenant - with each and every one of you.


If The Global Fund For Peace, Justice And Develpment can provide the catalyst and the means of achieving these objectives in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation between all peoples without the risk or loss of one more life in any part of the world - then it's role will be both worthwhile and justified.


At The Going Down Of The Sun - And In The Morning - We Will Remember Them