11th September 2001


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[TVOTW Video Insert - 11 Jul 2004 - Compare The Blair Rhetoric Now - Be Warned Of The Implications For Prosecution Against Bush & Blair For Actions And Conduct At The Worst End Of The Criminal Spectrum!! - A Most Feeble Attempt To Perpetuate A Pack Of The Most Monstrous Lies - 218kb - 6 Jul 2004. And this from Bush - On Saddam - 'What We Don't Know Yet - Is What We Thought' - 3 Feb 2004.]

"Whilst it is an honour and a privilege to address you on this occasion - my heart goes out to each and every one of you because I know that the shock and trauma felt by millions of Americans together with people the world over - as the facts contained herein see the cold hard light of day - will be as traumatic and heart wrenching as it has been for those who have had the thankless task of gathering this information and presenting it to you.

No decent, rational person will gain any satisfaction or consolation from the revelations contained herein - indeed the only comfort any of us can receive - is that - at last - the truth has been set free - as harsh and stark as the truth may be. These facts and the findings resulting therefrom - are fully supported by the material contained throughout The Voice Of The World web site. The material has been gathered without any political bias whatsoever - the only underlying principle being that - the truth - overruled all else. In the event this address comes to you from an independent source - may I suggest that you refer to the web version of this address at -
- for vital links backing up the claims referred to hereinafter.

Many of us have been so dissolutioned and angry with politics and politicians particularly over the last 3 years that a large proportion of the American people have given up on ever seeing any integrity, accountability and responsibility in foreign or domestic policy from Bush and this administration.

However - the greatest tragedy has come in the loss of our reputation and goodwill overseas and the irreparable harm to our relations with long time key allies in Europe such as France and Germany. This damage - added to the fallout of Bush crimes and excesses has now made the United States the most hated nation on earth - in addition to inflicting fundamental damage to the health and welfare of the United Nations as the only viable and effective mediator for peace and security around the world. [TVOTW Note - Americans involved in the current bout of "frog" bashing should remember with gratitude - the surrender of General Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown on 19 October 1781 marking the end of the War For Independence - would not have been possible without the active military and financial support of the French under Marquis de la Fayette.]

The last 2 years has seen the withdrawal and watering down of fundamental rights and liberties in the United States guaranteed by the Constitution. Ordinary Americans now face arrest and incarceration for expressing any view or opinion at odds with those of Bush and this administration. The arrogance and disregard for our system of democracy, government and justice pursuant to the rule of law is breathtaking and all pervasive.

Many ask - "how can things have got so far out of hand?" This can be reduced to one fundamental fact. Truth and justice have been disregarded in their entirety. Using the slight of hand of the most dishonest profession in the world - that is the legal profession - Bush and other individuals holding political office together with rogue bureaucrats - almost got away with it. But the conscience and better judgment of millions is screaming out for the truth to be set free. Thankfully - the faith and courage of enough people has now come to bear to put a stop to it - once and for all.

This dilemma has been brought to a head by a course of conduct which has become known as the Bush "FEDERAL" scandal. "FEDERAL" - in this context - is the acronym for the Bush "Florida Electoral Democrat Exit Republican Accession Lesson" scandal. To understand and appreciate the extent of the rot that has set in - the following qualities are inherent in Bush and his administration. Evil, murderous and tyrannical, treasonable, fraudulent, misleading and false, ruthless, myopic, hedonistic and self-serving, anarchistic, controlling and licentious.

The underlying principle in every step taken by Bush (and Blair) is embodied in the fact that - if a politician of this rank has to lie about everything he is doing and the reasons and justification for it - then those arguments are immediately rendered invalid. The case is therefore - unsupported - has lost all credibility - and for the most part - will be illegal. The wise and the intuitive fully realize that with a regime of lies and deception which is pandemic with Bush and Blair - it is necessary to have to resort to bigger lies and more deception to try and cover up for the first lot. The most recent tragic death of Dr David Kelly is full confirmation to the toll this is extracting on top of the thousands from Iraq, Afghanistan, 911 - and all of those people - still yet to die - if Bush is not stopped. Furthermore - in addition to the preceding and having regard to the recent murder of Canadian freelance journalist Zahra Kazemi by Iranian police - law enforcement bodies around the world are hereby placed on notice. In the absence of a suicide letter or specific and explicit evidence of a similar nature - all future deaths from other than natural causes are to be treated as murder until determined otherwise by a competant authority.

In addition to the above - the crimes by Bush and the Executive are multiplied and compounded in the most evil way possible. Using the influence and control Bush has gained over the editorial content of the mass media in the U.S. - a carefully orchestrated hate campaign with Saddam Hussein as their focus together with a criminal and fraudulent misrepresentation of the then current state of Iraq's military capability and WMDs which Bush and Blair well knew - did not exist - they created a completely false perception and judgment of Iraq and its people within the consciousness of the people of the United States which provoked an unprecedented level of unsupported and unnecessary prejudice and bigotry as a result.

This prejudice and bigotry invoked a response - according to a Washington Post/ABC poll on 18 December 2002 - whereby a large proportion of the American people believed it was supposedly - quite ok - to "nuke" the Iraqi's. Also the Post claimed that "90% of Americans believed that Iraq had WMD" and that "war was inevitable".

The Bush - Blair propaganda campaign has been the most evil imaginable. Americans and people around the world should never forget this speech to the Congress [ TVOTW Insert - This Link Now Dead ] on 29 January 2003 [Requires 'RealOne' player]. [Audio transcript - if video source is lost.] Every claim - every allegation - was a complete and total lie, fabrication and fraudulent misrepresentation of the facts - constituting the most serious crime of defrauding the United States on a massive, unprecedented scale. [9/11 and Afghanistan culpability* - together with a host* of other serious crimes at all times after 20 March 2003 in Iraq referred to hereunder - include murder and accessory to murder.]

This portion of an interview with Jim Jennings from Conscience International by KNRC radio on 7 January 2003 in Denver confirms the above. [The complete interview]. Also - this interview with freelance journalist Heather Wokusch on KNRC radio on 20 December 2002 on Iraq - serves as a reminder that Bush and Blair were refusing at all times to supply the evidence. "We have the evidence - that's it!" - they said. Heather Wokusch also confirmed - weapons that Iraq once had - were supplied mainly by the U.S. anyway.

I myself have just spent nearly 18 months in the region (prior to 20 March 2003) and can personally testify that these people are the most wonderful, kind, hospitable, caring and compassionate people - anywhere in the world. I was treated with dignity and respect at all times by every one that I met and without exception - in their humble economic position - they could not do enough to help me and there was no alterior motive for doing so. It was in their nature - in their regard for humanity and in their genuine respect and affection for someone from a country - foreign to their own. Prominent also - was the respect given by the younger generations to their mother and father and elders in their community.

But the most prominent and noteable attribute that I could not misconstrue or misunderstand - these are peace loving people who do not wish for any kind of war or civil disturbance - nor was there any emnity felt or expressed toward the American people or any other western country. Nor did the people of Iran or Iraq consider their regime to be a threat to their neighbors - or in particular - to the United States.

Since TVOTW inaugural address of 12 February 2002 - our political and security status has risen from the level of crisis to extreme. Today we face our greatest dilemma since 4 July 1776. As a result - the time has come for Bush to be put on notice in no uncertain terms. And it comes from those people who are referred to in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

"We The People Of The United States
upon becoming aware of an extensive history of acts and conduct both covert and overt by George W. Bush president - together with others known and unknown to the people wherein the said acts comprise high crimes under the U.S. Constitution's impeachment clause - crimes of defrauding the United States in violation of the Federal anti-conspiracy statute - crimes of murder in the first degree - crimes of being an accessory to acts of murder, aircraft piracy, destruction of real and personal property and terrorism - crimes for the testing of weapons of mass destruction against live targets in armed conflicts illegally designated as a state of war at the instigation of Bush and - crimes against humanity - together with various other crimes in violation of the Geneva Conventions and International Law.

Having regard to the above - you - George W. Bush are hereby advised that you have forfeited the right to retain your commission and the powers conferred upon the office of president of the United States under the Constitution.

You are further advised and hereby given due notice that anything you have had to say from the date of your inauguration as president - and in particular - from this moment forward - can and will be used in evidence against you.

Take notice that the United States as a nation predominant in world affairs was built by the dedication, hard work and application of disciplines from all walks of life by our forefathers and the current generations. The Constitution is not a personal plaything of or to be used and abused by you and other ambitious, evil and dishonest politicians and bureaucrats. The lives and livelihoods of - We The People Of The United States are not to be used as disposable pawns in your maniacal quest for money, power and control.

We The People Of The United States - give notice of our intention to peacefully, legally and democratically retrieve our destinies and that of the United States together with the reputation and goodwill between us and all men and women from every other country regardless of color, religion or creed."

Please find below the footage of Bush's second press conference as he addresses the nation on 11 Sep 2001. The address was made at 1:04pm at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. TVOTW has referred to it as the "Precursor Bush Video". So named - because it represented the launch pad for an unprecedented course of sinister, covert and overt criminal conduct as well as adding fuel to the flames of international terrorism both within and outside the United States. As people the world over digest the explosive and revealing contents of this video footage you are asked to remain mindful of the following facts:-

  • Bush had full prior notice and knowledge of the attacks. He chose to remain silent with certain exceptions referred to hereafter.

  • This video reveals and removes all doubt - Bush is not in the slightest bit upset or aggrieved at these horrific events taking place just hours beforehand.

  • To the contrary - he quite clearly has difficulty in suppressing the urge to smile to the level of smirking in many parts of this footage.

  • However - further to the above - the true extent of the horror attached to this video is not apparent and far exceeds the comprehension and expectations of millions of Americans as well as the billions of people watching from other countries on 2 primary counts.

    • Pursuant to standing instructions by the Joint Chiefs of Staff dated 1 Jun 2001 - Bush knew that standard procedure in relation to the piracy of civil aircraft in the U.S. special aircraft jurisdiction provided for the interception, escort and possible destruction of aircraft failing to respond to directions given.

      • Having due regard to the above paragraph - Bush also well knew - in advance - at all times prior to the morning of Tuesday 11 Sep 2001 that one or more of the aircraft the subject of the planned hijackings - were to be shot down on his orders killing all on board.

      • At all times immediately prior to this televised address to the nation - and as he spoke - Bush was fully aware that on his orders - a U.S. Government jet had shot down UA flight 93 over Pennsylvania. Conspicuous by its absence in the address - is any mention whatsoever of UA flight 93.

      • In addition - the entire integrity of this television address is further criminally compromised by virtue of the fact that Bush - as he spoke - well knew that the passengers and crew of UA93 had subdued the hijackers at approximately 9:56am and regained control of the aircraft. It was no longer a threat to any person or structure on the ground or to those passengers on board the aircraft. [TVOTW Insert - Further revelations confirming these facts well known to TVOTW - are contained in this 9 Feb 2006 interview by Radio 4's PM programme with Congressman Badley J. Sherman.] In an act of premeditated cold blooded murder - and on the orders of Bush - the pilot of the aircraft assigned to intercept UA93 was ordered to shoot down and destroy it. The aircraft left debris scattered over a distance of more than 8 miles before crashing into the field adjacent to Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:37am.
        [TVOTW Insert - Like to go to the top to read the whole article?]

      • The FBI allege - 10:03am as the crash time. The FBI refuses to release the cockpit voice recorder or the flight data recorder for independent scrutiny.

      • This 11:00am transcript of NPR's 'Morning Edition' - with Bob Edwards - from 11 September 2001 confirms the first mention of the crash of UA 93 at 11:15am. Having regard to the entire program that morning concentrating on the hijackings and WTC and Pentagon crashes - 38 minutes is consistent with the time it took for news of the crash to first reach the NPR news desk from the time of the crash at 10:37am. Even at that time (11:15am) - it was too soon after the crash for the reports Bob Edwards was reading from - to include any mention whatsoever of the aircraft's airline or flight number.

      • One of many independent witnesses who saw the military jet prior to and immediately after the crash of UA93 who reported what she saw to the FBI - was initially told by the FBI that there were no other aircraft in the vacinity. She claimed that - "she knew what she saw". The FBI then changed their story and said that a "civilian jet" was requested to overfly the crash site and "report the location of the crash".

      • Consistent with the findings contained in the ICOPO indictment against Bush - it was imperative that the hijackers did not survive to face the scrutiny of a public trial due to the risk of exposing the complicity of Bush and others in the events of 9/11.

      • News television crews were never allowed to get close to the actual crash site and no close-up footage of the crash scene has ever been broadcast.

      • More to the point - there have been very few broadcasts by the mass media of investigative interviews with witnesses who can vouch for the integrity or otherwise and general condition of the aircraft - and the incidence of debris scattered for miles along the flight path - leading to the point of impact. References made herein have generally been obtained and supported by independent private interviews with witnesses and circulated by email.

  • Furthermore - Bush and the Executive have refused at all times since 9/11 to release any evidence or proof of the involvement of Bin Laden or Afghanistan in the attacks. The said evidence will serve to demonstrate the degree of prior notice and knowledge Bush had received of the attacks referred to in paragraph 1 above.

  • More particularly - and conspicuous by its absence - none of the names of passengers alleged to be hijackers was included in the original manifests issued by the airlines of lists of passengers on flights AA11, UA175, AA77 or UA93.

  • Subsequent to the events of 9/11 - the "pay-back" for the co-operation of Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge with Bush and the FBI over the UA93 scandal - took the form of the elevation of Ridge to the position of head of Bush's new Office of Homeland Security.

  • Admiral Shelton Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was hurriedly "retired".

  • And in an even further incestuos twist - a total conflict of interest and an afront to the constitutional provisions of the First Amendment - the mass media has been effectively gagged by Bush on any and all matters in relation to further investigation and analysis of the UA93 crash and the whole 9/11 scandal pursuant to the influence Bush and the Executive had achieved by the earlier appointment on 22 January 2001 of Secretary of State - Colin Powell's son - Michael K. Powell as chairman of the Federal Communications Commision which has statutory authority over all mass media in the United States. Conspicuous by its absence in the biography of Michael K. Powell on the FCC web site is any reference to the fact that he is Colin Powell's son.

  • The most recent proposed changes by the FCC on 2 June 2003 will further jeopardize and compromize the ability of the American people to obtain impartial - in depth analysis and reporting of every aspect of Bush and U.S. domestic and foreign policy and behavior by permitting further consolidation of media interests in the U.S. contrary to the anti-competitive provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

  • In having further regard to this video footage - Americans should place due emphasis on the fact that prior to 9:00am on 9/11 - whilst in transit - that is - BEFORE HE ARRIVED - at the Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida - at or about 8:48am - Bush was advised by Secret Service personnel and White House aids including Karl Rove - that a commercial jet aircraft had struck the World Trade Center. This was in addition to information already received and in Bush's possession prior to 8:30am - that a number of commercial flights had been reported hijacked. [Important TVOTW note - This advice was in confirmation to - and an affirmation of prior notice and knowledge Bush and the Executive had received - on or about 7 September and 6 August 2001 and previously - from the FBI and CIA - of the forthcoming attacks.]

  • The visit to this school was unimportant and of no consequence to his overall role of president of the United States from any viewpoint. But in particular - the visit formed the least of his priorities in the event of terrorist attacks on this scale - in one of the world's most densely populated cities.

  • In a criminal conspiracy and in further confirmation and affirmation to his premeditated* - sick and twisted willingness to see the events of the morning of 9/11 played out - Bush deliberately ignored the phone calls and the advice received from his own staff and aides and continued on his journey to the Emma Booker Elementary School as if he was ignorant of the events taking place in New York. For nearly one whole hour he sat back - waited and bided* his time as over 3,000 Americans together with people from countries the world over - were murdered in cold blood in the worst way possible to die. His reaction and inaction cannot be dismissed as incompetance because Karl Rove - his closest confidant and advisor was with him - and clearly - they jointly agreed to proceed with the Emma Booker charade. [Important TVOTW note - The logic of the criminal mind in this case places greater desire and emphasis upon seeing the perpetrators kill themselves. The deaths of innocent Americans is incidental - collateral damage - whereby the ends - (or their real agenda and its implementation) - justifies the means of achieving it. Within minutes he is overheard and widely reported as stating - "well I suppose we are at war!!" How could he make such a statement - if - as he claimed - every aspect of the attack was supposedly a complete surprise with no prior evidence of who was responsible?? Thankfully - the simplicity of the truth stands out in our consciousness above all else.]

  • Please note the irresponsible, disrespectful flippancy* in the tone of this statement by Bush in relation to the most serious crime ever to be committed within the continental United States.

[Important TVOTW note - This is extremely important. In the above speech - Bush lied again - there was never any live video coverage of the first plane hitting the tower. And there was no TV in the entrance or outside the classroom at Emma Booker Elementary.]

  • Bush arrived at the school - and feigned ignorance and innocence - as he sat down and read books to school children - all part of the plan - to illicit a perception on the part of the people of the United States that he was as shocked and surprised as we all were - in eventually learning of these attacks. It was not until 9:16am that he excused himself and at 9:30am gave the first news conference which took the following form:-

    [Important TVOTW note - The preceding link has now been removed.]
  • Remarks by the President After Two Planes Crash Into World Trade Center

    Emma Booker Elementary School
    Sarasota, Florida

    9:30 A.M. EDT

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a difficult moment for America. I, unfortunately, will be going back to Washington after my remarks. Secretary Rod Paige and the Lt. Governor will take the podium and discuss education. I do want to thank the folks here at Booker Elementary School for their hospitality.

    Today we've had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. I have spoken to the Vice President, to the Governor of New York, to the Director of the FBI, and have ordered that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families, and to conduct a full-scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act.

    Terrorism against our nation will not stand.

    And now if you would join me in a moment of silence. May God bless the victims, their families, and America. Thank you very much."

    END 9:31 A.M. EDT

  • And all Americans - without exception - say to TVOTW - "but it was his duty to act then - without delay - at 8:27am (first hi-jacking) - to act immediately upon being notified. To prevent the loss of one more life than was absolutely necessary."

  • AND with Bush's prior notice and knowledge of the attacks - "where were the U.S. marshalls that should have been assigned to all commercial flights to protect the passengers and crews??"

  • As reported at a White House function on or about 17 May 2002 - Bush states -

    • "Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to kill on that fateful morning I would have done everything in my power to protect the American people."

  • This claim is a lie and false - in its entirety. Please read this advice given in September 1999 wherein it is spelled out in plain english in the following terms -

    • "Suicide bomber(s) belonging to al-Qaida's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the White House."

  • This article is also included confirming Bush attempts to sabotage and impede the 911 federal commission's investigation of the attacks - then read this article as the mass media in the U.S. starts to do more than just - "nibble and sniff around" - at what Bush is covering up. IT IS EVERYTHING THAT TVOTW HAS BEEN REVEALING TO YOU FOR NEARLY 2 YEARS.

  • Bush is reading from a prepared - typed speech. Given the gravity and monstrosity of the events - it represents a very poor testimonial or commendation for the oratory and articulation skills of the person holding the office of president of the United States, who is either unwilling or incapable of giving an off the cuff, sincere, honest and heartfelt response to this national tragedy.

  • Have a look at this video and decide for yourself as to who is telling the truth. Then - having regard to the events since the morning of 11 Sep 2001 - judge for yourself. Who had everything to gain by remaining silent?? Look up and ask one of the 4,434 who were sacrificed that day which includes those who died from the fallout of the event since. Each one of them surely knows the truth and who is guilty for facilitating the attacks.

  • TVOTW has just discovered on 13 July 2003 the remnants of doctrine and policy of The Project For The New American Century on the Internet. Read this vitally important article of the dangers presented by Bush and this administration which is an indictment and confirmation of everything TVOTW has been spelling out for nearly 2 years. The PNAC has been struck out in its entirety from the world wide web. We were indeed lucky to catch the remnants before it fell from "Google" cache. Its deletion is an unqualified admission of guilt.
    [Check out the main culprits - Elliott Abrams, Gary Bauer, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Eliot A. Cohen, Midge Decter, Paula Dobriansky, Steve Forbes, Aaron Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama, Frank Gaffney, Fred C. Ikle, Donald Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, I. Lewis Libby, Norman Podhoretz, Dan Quayle, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen,
    Donald Rumsfeld, Vin Weber, George Weigel, Paul Wolfowitz.]

  • In addition to all of Bush's other motives - there is also this monstrous statement from the American Enterprise Institute's Michael Ledeen:

    "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

  • FOR GOD'S SAKE - "WAKE UP AMERICA" - to the type of individual you are dealing with. To the character and morality of this "monster" that has usurped the highest political office possible. How much more suffering will it take - either here - or elsewhere - before you act?? Surely - you have observed that with every step taken - every manoeuvre made since that morning - WITHOUT EXCEPTION - Bush has always come back to 9/11 as the reason and justification for all subsequent actions commencing with the war in Aghanistan the final plans and preparations for which - he and the Executive had completed by mid July 2001 - many weeks before 9/11 as this interview confirms.

    [TVOTW Insert - 12 Apr 2004 - "We Cry For You Afghanistan" - Part 1 (5mins59secs - wmv) - Part 2 (3mins4secs - wmv)]

  • These plans preceded the final breakdown in negotiations between Bush officials and the Taliban over the Unocal pipeline project from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan.

  • The astute can see it all too clearly - at the end of the day - Bush has taken the people of the United States for fools who act like sheep and the men and woman of the United States armed forces as mindless patsies to be used and abused in the pursuit of his outrageous personal and political vendettas, financial ambition and greed in the form of bloody, illegal and reprehensible crusades to feed the sick and criminal egos of a man and his administration devoid of any remnants of moral fibre and personal integrity and respect for the rights, lives and livelihoods of others within and outside the United States. The people of the United States may need to be reminded of the following quotation - "A society of sheep must in time beget* a government of wolves." - Henry de Jouvenel.

  • As if any of us should need reminding - the current loss of life by members of the United States armed forces since 20 March 2003 is deliberate, reckless and wilful on the part of Bush who well knows - that Iraq was not - either in recent times - or at any other time in the past - a direct - or indirect threat - to the continental United States or its people.

  • Notwithstanding that Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with an iron hand - those people in his former administration can confirm that Saddam never possessed or harbored ambitions of aggression against the continental United States when he well knew that to do so would result in his and his country's nuclear annihilation. People should - with an open mind - digest the following four rare and hard to find articles dating from 10 August 2001 from the hand of Saddam Hussein himself - to try and obtain an insight into the mentality and logic of this man. Please note the dates he reduced these sentiments to writing having regard to what transpired at times after those dates. [Article 1 - Article 2 - Article 3 - Article 4]

    [The final 2 letters from the hand of Saddam are here - Article 5 - Article 6]

  • This audio transcript of a very rare interview by Dan Rather's CBS 60 Mins on 24 Feb 2003 with Saddam Hussein is most informative and most revealing. [Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3] In particular - a statement made by Saddam in this interview makes it absolutely and unequivocally clear. Saddam and Iraq at no time - had planned - or was planning - an attack against the United States or its allies.

    Quote - ... "If the Iraqi army or any other army were to cross the Atlantic and occupy America is it going to be received by the American people with music? I am categorically certain that no Iraqi will welcome any American when he is an occupier - but all the Iraqi's will welcome any American who comes as a friend. ... You know that in both cases we did not cross the Atlantic to commit aggression against the United States neither by land or sea or air. The officials in America are the ones who are talking about the intention of attacking Iraq. Isn't it the responsible thing - the moral thing and the most basic thing to do to warn the aggressor that if they attack us we will not surrender. If we asked the question to any honest American - including you Mr Rather - let us suppose that during any time in the future if another power comes to America - do you do nothing? I will answer - I will tell the Americans that if such a thing happens to you - one day - do not surrender!! Stand and defend your country - and your dignity. ... In what sense does Iraq threaten America? The Iraqi people are not the enemies of the American people."

  • Is there any semblance of true patriotism left in the United States. Any remnants of moral fibre and courage within a spirit of justice and righteousness - all supported by a sense of caring about what happens to our world and its people??

  • If so - let it be known - the world not only has a super power - it also has a hyper power - the will and better judgment of world public opinion acting in concert through goodwill, caring, understanding and respect for each other.

Take me to the

"Precursor Bush Video"

We say to our dearest friends and companions in Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other foreign countries with tears in our eyes and sorrow in our hearts. "Please forgive us - we were unable to stop them."

We could say to you - "forgive THEM for they know not - what they do." But sadly - the truth is - THEY have known exactly what they are doing.

How many times have we been lied to and misled by claims of - "Iraq's WMD's armed to destroy the peace of the world" - "the so-called errant Iraqi missiles" and "the Saddam die-hards" - who have been responsible for the carnage. There is a dictator resident in the White House with the resources of the United States at his disposal who is entirely responsible and accountable for these unprecedented events and the deterioration in the condition of world affairs.

The above reference to the term "licentious" - was made in the context of Bush's grab for Iraqi oil. Make no mistake - the people of the United States will leave no stone unturned to ensure that Bush does not get his hands on 1 litre of Iraqi oil. We recognize and acknowledge this valuable resource as belonging to Iraq and its people and Bush and his corporate connections are the last to have any valid claim on this or any other part of Iraq's sovereignty or resource. To our friends in Iraq - we fully recognize and accept that - to you - your oil is your bank. Bush has just marched in and held it up. We covenant with you - HE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT !!

Furthermore - TVOTW has incontrovertible* evidence that the military action against Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with either removing Saddam Hussein as a threat to his neighbors or the United States - or to liberating the Iraqi people. A further shocking truth is that Bush has no intention whatsoever of securing democracy or security for Iraq.

The entire fiasco and the purported justification for it - fails every legal test and flies in the face of all legal doctrines. Every aspect of the leadup to the attack on Iraq has been covered at length in TVOTW web site.

We are under no misunderstanding whatsoever. The whole affair was a put up job with the entire case as presented to the people of the United States, the U.K. and the rest of the civilized world based upon false - fabricated and misleading information, intelligence and justifications and amounted to nothing more than reckless, wanton and wilful aggression. A timely reminder of the Bush fabrication of the alleged Osama bin Laden video tapes is also appropriate. As to Iraq WMD's - there were none and Bush and Blair always knew it. If you need further confirmation - this evidence of General Hussein Kamel's demise - the price he paid - for defecting and testifying in 1995 to the total destruction and elimination of Iraq's WMD's will suffice. They - (Bush and Blair that is) - well knew that every claim they made in relation to intelligence was false and in this address - Bush lamely* opines* his claim to take full responsibility for his statements, declarations and actions. Also in this address - we have the Bush interpretation of - bringing people to justice - as in the case of Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Consistent with this affirmation from his own lips - "... they'll begin to assume more responsibilities that are required in a free society" - the people of the United States will ensure that he - Bush that is - does so for his actions in relation to 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The conviction of Bush as to high crimes against the Constitution's impeachment clause and the crime of defrauding the United States in violation of the Federal anti-conspiracy statute - is now only a formality. As serious as these crimes are - they almost pale into insignificance when compared to the crime of mass murder - the conviction for which - is also only a formality.

As with Afghanistan - every aspect of the military action against the nation of Iraq and its people was and is illegal. Not just illegal - but criminal!! Every overt and covert act - every death - every single piece of damage to property and infrastructure constituted mass murder - crimes against humanity - criminal damage and wholesale breaches of the Geneva Convention particularly as it relates to the treatment of prisoners of war.

And if anyone - anywhere in the world and in particular in the United States - needs further confirmation of Bush/Blair culpability - listen to this interview by Meria Heller with former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq - Scott Ritter on 23 July 2003.

Meria Heller - Scott Ritter - mp3 - 7.3mb - 23 Jul 2003

Scott - an American resigned in protest from this position after 7 years on the job. He knew Dr David Kelly very well. Scott Ritter - Dr David Kelly and Andrew Wilke from the Office of National Assessments in Australia have all made the same independent claims in their assertion of the Bush - Blair outright misuse and complete fabrication and distortion of intelligence justifying war with Iraq. In the U.K. - Dr David Kelly made mortal enemies of Blair, Bush the MOD and the Pentagon by pointing the finger - exposing these major players for what they are - what they have done and the crimes they have committed. For doing so - he paid the ultimate price. "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong" - Voltaire.

In the final analysis - how dare Bush talk about terrorism in Iraq or elsewhere after brutally savaging the sovereign nation of Iraq including the killing and maiming of thousands of innocent men, women and children without the slightest piece of legitimacy or justification for doing so. As surely as we know the sun will rise tomorrow morning - the people of the United States and the world - will ensure the Bush Federal scandal reaches its final and rightful conclusion.

The following remarks are directed to Queen Elizabeth 11. We have loved and respected you as a role model and for your graciousness, patience, wisdom and integrity for over 50 years. In the face of unprecedented real life demands and stresses - particularly those posed by the incidence of marriage breakdowns in your immediate family - you have maintained a balance and dignity and with it - the respect of your subjects - that could easily have been lost by a weaker person. It is indeed a tragedy that this communication has become necessary and that your peace and tranquility should be upset and compromised in these - your twilight years.

However - the constitutional crisis facing the monarchy and the people of the United Kingdom - is such that your duty as monarch takes precedence over all else. These words are not chosen or uttered lightly and I must make it absolutely clear - the response required from you is now past royal prerogative - political posturing or game playing and diplomacy.

I wrote to you offering help and guidance in 1992 on matters in relation to Prince Charles and Princess Diana - Prince Andrew and the then Duchess Sarah. That communication foretold of the demise of the marriage of Charles and Diana amongst other things unless remedial action were taken. You diplomatically chose not to accept the offer of help. People of the United Kingdom should be mindful that Diana would be alive today if the advice was heeded.

In this case - the stakes are much much higher - if you fail to act now - you will destroy the monarchy. I can not be any more open, honest and upfront with you than that.

Constitutionally - the Governor General was required to act in Australia in the case of the Whitlam labour government. You are faced with the same dilemma now.

An open letter to Prime Minister Blair on this web site dated 11 January 2002 was also ignored. Prime Minister Blair has joined Bush in military action against the nation of Iraq which is illegal in its entirety. This is not supposition - the case is "open and shut" - and the people of the United Kingdom know it - together with millions around the world. The Prime Minister and this government are entirely liable and accountable for every consequence of this conflict which constitute murder and mayhem, crimes against humanity together with legal liability for the cost of criminal damage against the infrastructure of Iraq and - property - both real and personal - of the people of Iraq.

Blair's actions and that of his government and the consequences and liabilities thereof are binding upon the nation. As a result - the people of the United Kingdom will be required to seek other remedies in the event that you choose not to act.

At the same time I qualify the above so that you are under no misunderstanding and are not misled. Any such remedies will be sought and achieved through peaceful, democratic means only. Please know this much - no politician or person holding public office can continue to carry out actions and conduct which fly in the face of public will, opinion, better judgment, the rule of law and true justice, equity and moral integrity.

In addition - I should not have to remind you of permanent long term damage to the relationship of the United Kingdom with the rest of Europe.

You are also reminded of crude and blatant attempts by Bush and his administration to pursue agreements made and executed under duress against a variety of countries wherein he seeks immunity to prosecution by the International Criminal Court. Under the circumstances - and due to the culpability and involvement of Bush in the events of 11 September 2001 and other overt and covert actions and conduct at all times thereafter - any such agreements are rendered invalid.

The Belgium parliament is urged not to capitulate to "gun at the head tactics" by Bush in relation to the Nato headquarters in Brussels and the planned watering down of Belgium's international war crimes legislation. To do so now after the legislation has been in place for so many years will be seen and acknowledged by the international community as an act of condoning the perpetration of crimes by the Bush administration referred to in this address and throughout this web site.

The International Criminal Court is also urged to pursue with all vigor and determination - the legal action in relation to Iraq against Blair, Straw, Hoon and Ingram filed by Greek lawyers in The Hague on 28 July 2003.

With regard to any decision by other countries to a proposed military presence in Iraq - you are to be left under no misunderstanding whatsoever. Every part of the invasion of Iraq is illegal in its entirety. From a legal viewpoint - any third party country who elects to become materially involved in any part of the offensive or occupation - faces charges of becoming complicit in any wrongdoing, crimes against humanity, breaches of international law, contraventions of the Geneva Conventions and any subsequent court action resulting therefrom.

The people of Iraq have made it abundantly clear at all times prior to 20 March 2003 and thereafter - the action and presence of the U.S. and the U.K. forces in Iraq will be resisted without compromise.

Any pretext whatsoever that Bush uses to see the involvement of troops from Nato or other allied nations in Iraq is nothing more than a feeble attempt to ensuring that men from other gullible countries are sacrificed rather than U.S. personnel. The people of Iraq will make no distinction between the countries of origin of these additional forces and they will be seen as nothing more than Bush stooges, servants and dispensable pawns.

By becoming involved in this capacity - the leaders of those countries will generate and bring about anger, wrath and hate against their own people from Iraq and other countries of the Middle East - where goodwill presently exists.

Bush and Blair defied the will of people the world over and broke every law in the book in the process. You - [that is - 3rd party countries] - are hereby placed on notice - in all good faith. There must be no departure from the legal, right and proper course of ensuring that Bush and Blair are responsible for their own actions. If you do otherwise - you will surely risk the forfeiture of the right to retain your current political position and that of your governments.

TVOTW will address at length at a future date the responses that are suggested on the part of the United Nations to these matters. These responses should be approached within a spirit of ensuring the future good health and well being of the United Nations as the only viable and effective mediator for peace and security around the world - once there is tangible evidence and testimony to the removal of the Bush "cancer" that threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions.

In regard to Moussaoui - Bush and the Justice Department need to be placed on notice in no uncertain terms. Having regard to information supplied by Moussaoui to the FBI prior to 11 September 2001 of the forthcoming attacks on the World Trade Center - his status from that moment forward took the form of a defector and an informant - and as such - he was instrumental in the supplying of intelligence - additional to that already in their possession which allowed the FBI and CIA together with Bush and the Executive to take adequate measures to prevent the attacks. Bush and the Executive - with everything to gain - criminally conspired, ignored, hushed-up and chose not to act upon receiving this information which accompanied explicit and concise briefings and warnings from FBI staff Kenneth Williams on 10 July 2001, John O'Neill and Coleen Rowley together with additional intelligence in the CIA Presidential Daily Briefing report delivered to Bush on 6 August 2001 - amongst others.

[TVOTW NOTE - The above reference to "gains" from the attacks that Bush and the Executive sought to achieve - amongst many - not the least of which also included the very "convenient" death of John O'Neill - ex-FBI counter intelligence chief in the World Trade Center collapse. O'Neill created arch enemies at the top by going public in recent weeks prior to 911 on executive and high level FBI bureaucratic interference and outright sabotage of explicit intelligence warnings of plans in relation to 911 - and that action - together with an internal investigation relating to the theft of O'Neill's briefcase containing classified documents - resulted in concerted efforts to force O'Neill's resignation from the FBI. O'Neill accepted a position as chief of security at the World Trade Center. He took up this new position - 2 days before the attacks.

With O'Neill now dead, out of the way and unable to testify against Bush and others - we see the consistent pattern delineated by Bush immediately after the attacks. "Either you are with us - or against us". Clearly - by the banning of O'Neill from returning to Yemen to pursue the USS Cole investigation and other curtailments prescribed by the administration prior to his departure - O'Neill was one of those - "against us".]

As a consequence of the aforementioned - the indictment against Moussaoui as presented by the Justice Department is not worth the paper it is written on. If the Justice Department insists upon pursuing the charges against Moussauoi - Bush and others must be indicted on conspiracy charges as well. Contrary to a court order - the most recent refusal by Bush and Ashcroft to allow Moussaoui to obtain testimony in support of his defense from Ramzi Binalshibh by way of a video hookup - further confirms the ongoing coverup by Bush of every aspect of the events of 11 September 2001 - the leadup to it - and his role therein.

In summary - the political landscape - our rights and freedoms - our economies - our security and law and order - have been in the hands of ruthless political monsters, tyrants and killers. The situation could not be worse - it is a shambles and a mess from start to finish. Bush - Blair and his ilk have had their opportunity. Not only have they failed from every perspective - they stand accused of the most horrendous crimes imaginable.

The following is from:-

A famous American who humbly prefers anonymity.

"In love I embrace you, and in peace I greet you. ...

I believe it is extremely important that our community focus on what is really happening in this country. Remember one thing:- this is not our system. ...

Since when has the act of brutalizing and killing the weak, the poor and the unpopular become as American as apple pie? Has the confession "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us," become our new national anthem? Or is it truly our sacred, heartfelt confession unto God?

Have we become so intoxicated with our arrogance that we can no longer be guided by our God given magnanimous, enlightening spirit?

We have come a long ways from the days when we used to whip poor slaves into submission, bringing them over in chains into this country, while we sing Christian hymns.

We have come a long ways from the days when we used to massacre Indians, poor innocent women and children, while stealing their land.

We have come a long ways from the days when we adopted a constitution during the Civil War that gave a slave owner the right to maim a slave if he sought freedom through insurrection.

Whoever is reading this message, whether you are Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative, a right or left winger, ...on behalf of all the poor, befallen, downtrodden men, the main majority who are illiterate and cannot write to express their pain and sincere, heartfelt contrition, I beseech your support, mercy, compassion, love and understanding. For, I believe that, it'll be the people like you who will make the difference, who will slow down the fast pace of evil and eventually cause it to run out of steam, wither and die. Alone, you are the best soldier on the field; united, marching under the banner of reason, truth and logic, you become even better.

... to reach out a hand to us and accept us as your fellow human beings, because, if experience has taught me well, if there is anything I have learned - it is this:-

that men are mean and indifferent to the discredited, and that when you are defenseless and have fallen, it is difficult to find friends and so very little mercy.

So I'm already aware how difficult this will be for many of you. Yet, in YOUR COURAGE, I have great faith; and it is to this courage I am praying and concentrating on, hoping to awaken it.

It takes a lot of courage to declare a truth and stand for an idea or an act that is in odds to the public's sentiment. Someone big enough to search for a truth and find it and declare it in the face of all opposition is truly a courageous person.

I hope this person is you. No - there is no doubt it's you, otherwise you wouldn't have endured my words to this end.

In humility - accept our thanks."

Please also have regard to the following quotations:-

("Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - ? -

"The superior man does not set his mind either for anything,
what is right he will follow."
- Con-

"When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them." - Con-

"For there is no doubt that courage is the foundation of victory." - Plutarch -

"So many gods, so many creeds,
So many paths that wind and wind,
While just the art of being kind
is all the sad world needs." -

"The World's Need" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)

Our thoughts are with each and every one of you.

Thank you."

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