11th September 2001


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Many of us have travelled extensively throughout the world over the years visiting many countries in the process. It doesn't matter who we speak to - the consensus is always the same. It is usually expressed in the following way:-

"It doesn't matter where I went - almost without exception the people I met from all walks of life in all the countries I visited were most friendly, very kind and hospitable and generally did everything they could to make me feel welcome. They appreciated the opportunity to ask me about what life was like in my country as well as them telling me about theirs. We discovered that we all had the same hopes and expectations of being able to live happy, peaceful lives providing for our families and loved ones in a vocation that adequately occupied our time and our mind and was something we enjoyed doing at the same time in an environment where we could feel that we were, at least - the master of our own destiny. The last thing we want is wars or any form of disruption to our safety and security."

So when we have this sort of goodwill between what we can refer to as - "the little people of the world" - what happens and what goes wrong at the international or government level that sees the world lurching from one crisis to the next?

AND the overriding and heart wrenching result of each and every one of these crises* is the death, pain and suffering, deprivation and agony of "the little people of the world". [The two Afghan children you see above are innocent victims of the most atrocious crime in modern times. How they came to be victims of a crime will be dealt with in its entirety by TVOTW in the very near future.]

It is rarely - if ever the case, that the Kings or Queens, the Presidents or Premiers, the politicians or bureaucrats or the rich and powerful of this world - are the ones to suffer.

The fact of the matter and THE REASONS WHY everything "goes off the rails" so to speak - is that in every single case we have some extremely dangerous politicians who are hellbent upon two primary objectives. Power and control. AND behind those very dangerous politicians we have an equally ambitious and dangerous array of bureaucrats. These are all in turn supported or installed by the rich and powerful. AND when you have the combination of the rich and powerful with the power hungry and controlling politicians you have a combination that knows no limit to its greed and ruthlessness.

How ruthless? Check this out.

Not only is this thirst and greed for power and wealth limitless - it stands on the principle that to maintain their position they have to ensure that the rest of society are kept "mean and lean". That is so the rest of us can never become a threat to their position whether that be politically or economically speaking. [The proliferation of direct and indirect taxation on the masses in the western world is totally out of control - yet the rich and wealthy pay next to no tax through smart corporate structures and equally smart accounting practices that utilize specially provided loop holes in the tax act. These loop holes are not available to - or do not provide the same relief to the PAYE wage earner.]

However in order to keep all the above in the right framework and to try and give it legitimacy - these people employ the services of the most dishonest profession in the world. That is the legal profession.

Many years ago the author was completely shocked, dumbfounded and stunned by the claim of a lecturer of law in the university of his state with the claim and assertion that the administration and execution of the law and justice had nothing to do with the TRUTH.

Since that claim was made - it has also been demonstrated and proven in real life cases that it has everything to do with presentation and legal arguments which are sufficient in being able to win the case or get what they want from the Court from even more corrupt judges.

Any judge who refuses to allow into evidence - material that can show unequivocally who is telling the truth or prove the innocence of someone incorrectly charged is himself guilty of the most serious crime that can ever be committed on the face of the earth. This is an evil that surpasses all description. This has been reported extensively from many parts of the world but noone can do anything about it because they are a law unto themselves.

Furthermore - the draconian measures that have been instituted since 11 September 2001 in the U.S. and elsewhere against ordinary people who have had no involvement whatsoever with terrorism is another of the most serious and grievous abuses of the legal process in modern times.

To ensure that all of this is controlled and maintained - the people referred to above - once again through the rich and powerful - commandeer by one means or another the operation and control of the mass media.

In a highly advanced and technological society as it nows exists in the industrialized West - the role and function of the mass media is achieved by firstly creating an impression in the eyes of the population of being as innocuous* as possible while at the same time having it presumed that anything contained in print has got to be the truth - must be believed - or that it happened the way it is claimed in the media report.

Furthermore the language that is used is carefully chosen to create a belief that indicates remoteness or moral, political or legal correctness. A classic case is to talk about so-called - "ethnic cleansing". That doesn't have the same meaning or affect or give the same impression as saying - "mass murder and crimes against humanity on a catastrophic scale". In short it is a complete misrepresentation of the true nature of the conduct and the acts committed.

There is however, a much more unpleasant angle to the mass media as it now exits - [which includes - of course - those that own and operate it]. They operate, function and profit - [to the tune of billions of $] on the misery, death, deprivation and suffering of humanity together with the gossip stories and the delving into the private and public lives of high profile individuals or anyone else considered worthy of their attention.

Another very damaging function of the media in the West is to refer to Moslems, Hindus and other such faiths in a vein which is designed to produce in the eyes and the perception of the greater population a "label" with "connotations". Connotations of - being different - of extremism - having a propensity to violence - not to be trusted and placing a lower value on human life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It creates and perpetuates the prejudice and bigotry which in turn provides the seeds to enmity and conflict which has no real basis or justification whatsoever.

If only those people in the West who haven't yet had the opportunity, could travel to those countries and discover for themselves that the people there are warm, friendly, hospitable and caring people and whose value placed on the family unit is by far and away greater than that in the West. Moreover - those people live their religion in their daily lives - not for just the few minutes that they attend church or the mosque.

If they (the mass media) - deny the above allegations - then why bother to mention anything about the person's religious beliefs or affiliations in the first place, if - as they claim - there is no purpose or ulterior motive in doing so?

Good news stories and 'living happily ever afters' don't sell. Think about it - what are the biggest "media events" that come to mind over the past 40 years?

The Vietnam War;

The Killing Fields of Cambodia;


The "Challenger" space shuttle tragedy;

The Gulf War;

The Balkans;

The coverage after the death of Princess Diana - [not including the fact that the media probably contributed directly to her death by way of an extended course of harrassment - badly needed privacy laws to prevent a repetition have since been conveniently forgotten];

Plane crashes;

The Asian financial crisis;

The O.J. Simpson trial;

Clinton and Monica;

11 September 2001 (The latest "windfall" together with the alleged "war against terrorism")

Another qualification that needs to be made [John Pilger has mentioned it often] - is the deliberate omission of the real extent of the suffering of the likes of - the ordinary people of Afghanistan, the mass genocide of people in Algeria, the genocide and plight of the Palestinians, the death and suffering of more than a million Iraqi children and civilians as a result of the actions of the U.S., the UK and the ongoing bombing and economic sanctions - [AFTER THE WAR SUPPOSEDLY FINISHED in 1991]. Have a look at this on the effects of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq. AND this - another example and legacy of U.S. foreign policy and criminal acts - the U.S. terrorist missile strike on the Al Amiriya womens refuge shelter in Baghdad on 14 Feb 1991 that killed 400 women and children. AND this - on the Iraq sanctions and the now - infamous claim - by Madeleine Albright regarding the death of Iraqi children. Further evidence confirms that the U.S. green-lighted and sanctioned the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. AND contrary to public Bush rhetoric - this reference on the U.S. propensity to non-nuclear wars.

The preceding is too much of an embarrassment to the establishment in Washington and London to be given proper exposure.

Another major function of the mass media for all practical purposes is to provide political bias. Have you noticed what happens if a new political party makes an appearance. Before the reporters and the TV interviewers have even examined the first policy document, the new party is immediately branded or given a "label". This will be "far right" wing or "far left" wing depending upon the perceived background of the leader or spokesperson. If he or she has a middle or upper class background it will be labelled as a "far right" wing organization. Conversely - if he is from a working class background - "far left" wing is the label.

The primary aim and objective is to create in the eyes of the innocent public an element or perception of extremism in the hope that through fear, people will shy away and refuse to give the new entity any support.

The new entity may be representative of the dead 'centre' of politics and may have all the answers and solutions that the people have been waiting for. Like trying to give Jesus Christ a label - left, right or whatever when everyone knows that - no more perfect an individual, ever existed. Ask people the world over this question:-

"Would you rather have Jesus as your judge or the corrupt courts and judges that we have here now?"

The ultimate goal of political bias has just been achieved in Russia. Shut down independent television broadcasters. TV6 is the last one. LOOKS LIKE PUTIN IS BEATING BUSH FOR THE ULTIMATE HI-JACKING AND CONTROL OF THE POLITICAL PROCESS.

The final chapter in the abovementioned quest for unbridled power and control is a complete hi-jacking of the political process. The situation as it nows exists in the U.S., Australia, the UK and the majority of the world for that matter is that we live in what can best be described as A TWO PARTY DICTATORSHIP. This means that the two major political parties have set up the system so that noone else can become a threat to them politically. The resources and infrastructure to support a nationwide credible political force are immense. Money from the public purse is allocated to the two major parties - yet newcomers get next to nothing.

This hi-jacking of the political process is also made possible by one other major factor. Nearly all the functions and operations of any consequence in the governments of the western world is now carried out with almost complete secrecy. Not just in secret to the outside world but in secret from its own citizens. If another third political force makes any attempt to get off the ground it is nigh on impossible to get access to the relevant information for the new party to be able to formulate policy or to make a determination of where and to what extent changes need to be made to repair the damage or right the wrongs of the past.

Justification or reasons given for the secrecy? Usually either "national security" or protecting so-called - "commercial confidentiality".

The truth? More often than not - to protect the political status quo or to prevent someone from being able to uncover or prevent corruption which at the highest levels is totally out of control. Money changes hands particularly to facilitate government and bureaucratic planning approvals for commercial or infrastructure projects let out to private tender.

The result of the above - each of the two major parties know that when the people have had a stomach full of the party that is now in power - by default - the other party are in at the next election because they are the only alternative.

Where is the accountability. There is none. High ranking positions in the bureaucracy and judicial system are political appointments and these people will cover up for and try to circumvent any attempt to bring someone to account for serious offences or crimes as is presently the case in the U.S. with the 911 revelations and complicity therein of Bush and the Executive. The most recent episode where Bush feigns ignorance of the criminal conduct involved in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame is proof positive of the contempt Bush has for every single American - and any measure of justice and the rule of law. A further confirmation of government by the rule of force - not the rule of law.

From that point we arrive at the current situation in most countries where the ordinary people - "the little people of the world" - the majority of the whole world's population - have absolutely no say whatsoever in:-

Foreign Policy;

Domestic Policy;

Tax Policy;

Education Policy;

Defense Spending;

The Law;

Trade Policy;

Response Qualification (A legal test which prescribes an act, event or incident [eg - 11 September 2001] - as a criminal act and as a result - a police matter - or an act of war;

And any other policy which directly or indirectly affects all of us.

A glaring example and one which has been repeated many times over is that of Vietnam. There was no way on God's earth that the humble and hard working people of Vietnam were ever going to pose a threat to the continental United States or anyone else for that matter. Most people in the West don't even know that Ho Ch Mingh initially wanted to adopt a constitution and a system of Government along the same lines as the U.S.

Ask the "Vets" in the U.S. about the merits of the war. The most neglected and dishonoured U.S. fighting force ever to return from an overseas conflict.

AND to cap it all off the U.S. Government had the audacity to impose the iniquitous* sanctions against Vietnam that have remained in place for the majority of the time since the war ended. The children and the people of Vietnam are still being killed and maimed as we speak by bombs and mines that remain there.

How much say did the people of the United States, the U.K., Australia and anyone else that was there have in the merits or otherwise of that war? ABSOLUTELY NO SAY WHATSOEVER.

How much say on the decision to bomb Afghanistan? ABSOLUTELY NO SAY WHATSOEVER. Fact is - Bush's 'gun at the head' tactics ["either you are with us or you are with the terrorists"] in particular as it relates to President Musharraff of Pakistan has placed this gentleman in grave danger of assassination from factions within and outside Pakistan's borders. The fallout from such an occurrence is also something that none of us would like to even contemplate.

The aim of the above? To be able to claim complete "shoulder to shoulder" support for the alleged war on terrorism which it is not. A universal rubber stamp and seal of approval sufficient for a carte blanche operation. "Unbridled" power and control - at its worst.

The following lies and rubbish contained in this quote from the State of the Union address - must be seen for what they are - a resumé of policy, goals, conduct and activity by Bush which are nothing more than a deceptive smokescreen. The true reality of his actions - as they see the light of day and are put into practice - are just the opposite.

"and we have a great opportunity during this time of war to lead the world toward the values that will bring lasting peace."

In this case - "Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words". The problem is - the actions are just the opposite and in complete conflict with the rhetoric.

If he really meant what he is saying - he would shut down the military industrial complex and STOP EXPORTING TERROR.

The history of the record of the U.S. and its "wars" is something that all people from the South Pole to Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC, can now clearly see and vouch for with all certainty. Bush and the Executive are on the public record as claiming that the current alleged "war" could last for 50 years. Our message to Bush & Co in response;



When the political system degenerates to the point described in the above paragraphs we then have what is called an OLIGARCHY*.

Have a look at what the Russians have observed and think of the loss of freedom and democracy we thought we had in the West.

Have a look at how the public rhetoric of Bush compares to the stark reality of U.S. suppression of freedoms and rights, global dominance, control and interference in the affairs of other countries.

This report comes from Australia on the loss of basic fundamental democratic and human rights as a result of the most recent U.S. excesses and abuse by the Bush administration of the legal and democratic process.

This is the situation we have in many western countries now. In the U.S. - a handful of people at the top make up their own minds as to what the agenda will be. The everyday American has no say whatsoever in matters of state or the decision making process of every one of the abovementioned policies. Furthermore - in its attempt to institute dominance and control on a global level the U.S. has adopted this policy of intervening in the sovereign affairs and functions of Governments around the world.

As one example - and this is not even on a level that affects the major functions of a Government - why should the U.S. be concerned any more so than Australia or Latvia in the case of the attempted extradition of an 88 year old man (now deceased) formally living in Australia to face war crimes charges in Europe?

The man Konrads Kalejs was 88 years old. His health had deteriorated to the point where death was imminent. Read about it here. Where was the compassion on the part of the U.S. in circumstances where it was obvious that the passage of time was such that in any event - any price to be paid was too late in coming. The man was about to face the judgment of almighty God for any wrong doing in his lifetime. But as always the power hungry and controlling U.S. has to have the last say - has to institute it's mighty rule of law - the exercise of it's controlling domination of world affairs.

This interventionist extension of U.S. power and imperialism is all pervasive*. There are thousands of stories such as the one above. Try this on the recent WTO talks and so-called "trade liberalisation" - [which is the power to intervene in the economies of poor countries, to demand privatisation and the destruction of public services or put into its true and broader context is that - this is typical of the globalisation of poverty, the true name for “liberalisation”.]

Read this on the covert interventionist episode of the CIA and the Executive whereby the U.S. uses Israel to illegally supply arms to Iran in defiance of a Congressional ban. In the process - an unprecedented number of people dead in an extremely bloody war. US$6.5 million gets paid to certain key people in the Australian Labor Party to facilitate the passage of the arms through Australia of all places - to end up in Iran. It makes your hair stand on end.

Read this on the use of the IMF and World Bank to perpetuate - and indeed significantly contribute to - the global disparity that now exits. [Published - you wouldn't believe it - 10 September 2001.]

Read this vitally important article - an independent view on economic development and world affairs written more than a year before 11 September 2001. It is most relevant to what is happening globally.

As a result of the interference primarily by the U.S. in the affairs of the many poorer nations comprising a significant section of the developing world - Newton's third Law of Motion has come into affect. Although the said Law provides that an object will exert an equal and opposite force on the object which imposes the primary force [or pressure] - it is probably true to say that the perpetrators in this case have not received an equal and opposite force[response] from the suffering poorer nations due to the "absorbtion" effect created by their innocence, their inherent propensity for pursuing a peaceful existence in keeping with their religion of Islam together with their lack of the means to retaliate or respond.

The events of the 11 September 2001 can be clearly identified as the proverbial - "steam blowing the lid off the kettle". If you like - an indication of the measure of hate against the U.S. administation and its long standing foreign policies. This hate does not extend to the ordinary American people because everyone knows that the average American has no say in what their Government has been doing on the other side of the world.

Having regard to the preceding however - does not provide a justification or excuse for the acts committed on 11 September 2001. There were - and still are - many ways in which those affected by this monstrous foreign policy - [by the few that control power in the U.S. and other offending countries] - could have brought their case and their plight to the attention of the rest of the world.

As it is now - anyone directly or indirectly responsible for the criminal acts on that day have now forfeited any right to take their place in the wider world community or play any part in any reconciliation or reparation that needs to be made between the various parties involved.

As a summary to this section and based on feedback to TVOTW - let's examine the perception that the majority of people from around the world seem to have of the present situation.

The U.S. Government and the Executive consider that they must have control of:-

  • The political agenda;

  • The world economy;

  • The law;

  • Total military domination and supremacy;

  • Total domination of computing and hi-technology. How many man years of productive time has been wasted worldwide rebooting 'Windows'?;

  • The takeover of business and corporations world wide where possible.

In short - total world dominance from every perspective.

FUEL - The price paid for (gas) petrol in Europe is in excess of 273% more than for the same quantity in the U.S. even after allowing for the exchange rate differential. [The price of crude is a world price - per barrel.]
Conclusion - The U.S. and the multinational oil giants are levying a disproportionately
* high premium on the rest of the world who are subsidizing cheap fuel to the U.S. consumer.

However - the qualification is also made that the blame and the involvement and cause for the above does not lie with the average American. He has no more say in any of these matters than anyone else in their own country overseas. The truth of the matter is that there are areas of abject* poverty throughout the U.S. and the deprivation and suffering of people caught up in that is staggering.

Another fact and statistic defies all reason and justification. The true number we may never know - but on the figures released there are over 3,500,000 people in prisons and jails in the U.S.. Sufficient confirmation that the legal process and the administration of justice is totally out of control.

How does it come about that O.J. Simpson was found not to have committed the crime in the criminal trial - yet in a civil action he is found to be responsible to the victims families and beneficiaries to the tune of US$32,000,000.

People the world over are fully justified in being completed disillusioned* and angry with the entire political and legal process.

This reference is included with the hope of TVOTW and ICOPO that each and every one of you that visits this web site will make a conscious effort and attempt to ensure that you can not be included in the category of people in this article which refers to the writings of Confucious. It is now time to show that you care about other people in the world and not just yourself.

TVOTW is the entity that provides the "light at the end of the tunnel". Please refer to the tab entitled - "You" - in the menu bar to discover what you should not do - as well as what you can do - to fix this once and for all.

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